Steady Growth Improves Iran neurosurgery' long Term Success

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TEHRAN (ISNA) – An Austrian neurosurgeon says he is satisfied with the level of Iranian scholars and enjoys participating in the 2nd International Congress of Neurovascular Surgery in Mashhad.

In an exclusive interview with ISNA, Prof. Bernd Richling, who is the Director of the National Clinic for Neurosurgery of the Christian Doppler Clinic Salzburg, said Iran’s steady growth in neurosurgery and related Industry Medical Equipment shows the great Proficiency and Dominance in this field.

“We are working together with Iranian specialist to deliver experimental aneurysm model, which is used for the testing of different endovascular instruments, “said Prof. Richling.

 With regard to the situation in Iran, he said: "I don't have exact figures for a number of people suffering from malformations of the cranial base in, but I know that like other countries around the world this type of dangerous brain disease takes its toll in Iran too."

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