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Zagreb, Nov 24, IRNA, World renowned Iranian neurosurgeon Professor Majid Samii says he has a big project in Africa and tries to elevate the level of neurosurgery in the continent.

Professor Samii, who attended an international symposium on neurosurgery in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, talked about his great achievements in neurosurgery and also his aspirations to upgrade the level of this branch of medical science all over the world. 

The following is the full text of his interview with IRNA reporter: 

Q: Professor Samiee, you, as a prominent neurosurgeon and founder and president of the International Neuroscience Institute at the Otto von Guericke University in Hannover, Germany, president of the China INI at Capital University in Beijing and president of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, are well known in the world. Please be kind enough to share with us accomplishments of your professional career.

A: I started my successful career with microsurgery. At that time, only a few doctors in the world worked to develop microscopic neurosurgery. My second major work was introducing very complicated surgery with interdisciplinary cooperation with other fields like ENT (ear, nose and throat), which is one of the important achievements in development and improvement of neurosurgery. Also, prefrontal nerve and nerve transplantation were other scientific work I developed as a new achievement. 

Q: What is the purpose of your visit to Croatia and attending the symposium here? 

A: I am here because I am invited by Professor Kresimir Rotim, president of Neurosurgery Department of University Hospital Zagreb to attend the symposium, on the occasion of celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Neurosurgery Department. 
I have been a role model for him to learn from me and my philosophy in neurosurgery. His desire was that I participate and give a scientific lecture to this event and also from scientific point of view could raise the level of international symposium in Croatia and that was the reason I accepted his invitation. I have been honored by receiving the title of Honorary professor of University in Zagreb and of course in future we will continue our cooperation with Croatia and particularly with Zagreb.

Q: What is your relation with Croatian neurosurgeons? 

A: Our colleagues from Croatia participate in many international meetings. Not only they come to me in Hanover, we meet each other frequently every year several times. For example, we have seen each other in Belgrade, Sarajevo, and many places in the world. We also met on the international Congress in Tehran. In each congress, I give a different lecture and they participate to take advantage of my knowledge and experiences. 

Q: Are you satisfied with your professional career and everything you accomplished? 

A: Of course I’m satisfied with my life and profession because my goal was to educate people around the world, with no exception. I have established my institute for my students. It is called “Madjid Samii and partners”and it is a Society of International Neurosurgeons. There are thousands of neurosurgeons who have been trained under my supervision who follow my philosophy for treating the patients. 

Q: What are your plans for future? 

A: We have a big project in Africa. I am trying to elevate level of neurosurgery in African countries. I have been nominated as Ambassador for Africa from the WHO. As an ambassador, I tried and succeeded to convince all African countries to get united and create Continental African Association of Neurosurgery Societies. Two weeks ago, I was invited in Cape Town for the second Continental congress and they made me Honorary president of Continental African Association of Neurosurgery Societies. And last week, we inaugurated in China the International Neuroscience Institute where I am also appointed as President.

IRNA: Professor Samii, thank very much for your time; it was an honor to speak with you. We wish you many more years of work and achievements. Have a nice time in Croatia.

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