Iranian Neurosurgeon created unique method for AVM Radiosurgery

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TEHRAN (ISNA) - Iranian Neurosurgeon used New Brainlab Contouring Software for Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Radiosurgery in Ireland for the first time in the world.

According to Seyed Mohsen Javadpour, Neurosurgeon and Clinical Senior Lecturer at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, “Brainlab Elements SmartBrush Angio software elevates visualization, treatment efficiency and consistency in cranial procedures.”

In an interview on the sideline of the 1st International Congress of Neurovascular Surgery in Mashhad, he stated, “This program is produced by Brainlab Company and we did the first clinical use of it.”

“With SmartBrush Angio we can deliver highly sophisticated frameless radiosurgical treatment of brain AVMs,” he explained. “In particular, this software eliminates the need for additional planning digital subtraction angiography (DSA) for nidus identification as it allows us to fuse the pre-existing diagnostic DSA with volumetric MRI and CT images.”

“Therefore our patients avoid the discomfort and risks associated with invasive catheter cerebral angiography (such as stroke), receiving an overall highly sophisticated treatment. We will use SmartBrush Angio for all patients with cerebral AVMs undergoing stereotactic radiosurgery.

“Iran has a lot of experienced and skillful neurosurgeons. Public always think that everything in Europe and America is better but I was there and I’m telling you that it is a wrong impression because in these cases Iran and the West exchange their knowledge and experiences” he added.

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