Iran looks to personalized cancer medicine as a major treatment

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TEHRAN (ISNA) – An Iranian researcher from Karolinska Institute in Sweden says Iran looks to personalized cancer medicine as a major treatment which will replace other methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy with minimum side effects in future.

“We are working with circulating tumor cells and what we are doing exactly is to isolate the circulating tumor cells from blood samples from agents and sequence the extracts DNA or RNA” Dr Hamidreza Sharifi, Research Scientist at ICellate Medical AB who is recently working on personalized cancer medicine, explained.

Sharifi who earned his Ph.D. in Oncology and Cancer Biology added that “personalized medicine is used to learn about a person’s genetic makeup and how their tumor grows. Using this data, doctors hope to find prevention, screening, and treatment strategies that may be more effective. They also want to find treatments that cause fewer side effects than the standard options.”

 “By performing genetic tests on the cancer cells and on normal cells, doctors may be able to customize treatment to each patient’s needs.”

He is a science researcher who is interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development.

According to Sharifi, “By using cell-based assays I have gained a skill set in molecular biology with speciality in Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing over the years being engaged in different projects. My main focus has been to find transcription factor/Cofactor-DNA binding and their effect on gene transcription in the context of tumor development.”

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