Play for HIV prevention on stage nationwide

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Tehran, Nov 8, IRNA - The acclaimed Iranian actor and director of cinema and theater, Masoud Raigan, is currently staging a play on HIV prevention across the country, it was reported on Tuesday.

Organized by Social Deputy and Public Participations of Ministries of Health and Higher Education of Iran, the play called “Two Men in a Room” is currently being performed through all the Iranian provinces for the first time.

The play was started from Shahroud, in the northeastern province of Semnan, on Nov 5 and would continue until Dec 5. 

Some educational packages will be given to the audience about HIV prevention ways and treatment at the same time that the play is being performed.

Ordered by UN, the “Two Men in a Room” play was written in 1986 by two Swedish and Finnish writers about HIV as the plague of the century.

The play has been translated into Persian by Raigan and now he is performing it as the director.

Khosrow Shahraz and Ardalan Shoja Kaveh are the cast of the play. 


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