Bank Saderat Iran welcomes EU lifting of banking sanctions

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Tehran, Oct 27, IRNA – Bank Saderat Iran has announced that the report on elimination of banking sanctions opens a new outlook to all beneficiaries and shareholders of the bank.

Public Relations Department of the Bank Saderat Iran said in a statement on the occasion of removal of sanctions by the EU Executive Council that international sanctions along with other difficulties had created unsolvable problems for the bank.

It said thanks to the prudence and guidelines of the Supreme Leader and efforts of President Rouhani's Government, the knots were untied as a result of enormous talks with various EU officials and consecutive legal arrangements.

It added that thanks God Almighty, in light of efforts of the bank staff, especially those of the branches and representative offices overseas, the lifting of sanctions against the international branch of Bank Saderat Iran and the London office, opened a new chapter.

Lifting of blocks on assets of the country’s major stock bank, which alone has more than half of the Iranian banking system abroad, is promising and helpful for both beneficiaries and the entire body of Iranian economy, said the statement. 

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