Iran to hold 2nd International Congress of Neurovascular Surgery in 2018

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TEHRAN (ISNA) -President of 1nd International Congress of Neurovascular Surgery has said the congress has provided a unique educational experience for those involved in neurosurgery and it is expected to hold the 2nd Congress of Neurovascular Surgery

“During the last decade, Iran’s scientific advancements have grown so faster than any other countries in the region especially in the field of interventional neurosurgery or neurovascular surgery” Gholamreza Bahadorkhan said.

According to Bahadorkhan, Iran is one of the best countries around the world in neurosurgery especially due to Professor Majid Samii, who is the world renowned Iranian scientist in neurological surgery.

He added, “Recently we invented a new method in which the specialists would use it instead of open surgery for removing the clot from the brain.”

“They go through some of the vessels inside the brain either the arteries or the veins with some catheters and close the abnormal vessels. These vessels might be the ruptured one or stenosis or obstructed vessels.”

Pointing to high level of the first International Congress of Neurovascular Surgery which took three days in city of Mashhad, Iran, he noted, “Usually the number of attendants in this subspecialty congresses are at most 50 but in this congress we had almost 300 attendants.”

 “After turkey Iran has the highest rate in producing neurovascular knowledge in the region” Bahadorkhan maintained “The neurosurgery is a new era in the medicine that would face something new every season.”

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