Iran ambassador calls for regulating banking ties with Spain

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Madrid, Oct 27, IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to Madrid Mohammad Hassan Fadaeefard called on the Spanish banks to regulate banking ties with Iran to enable the Spanish firms to develop trade relations with Iran.

The ambassador made the remarks in a meeting with over 50 big companies in the Spanish State of Andalusia.

He explained the opportunities and areas of cooperation with Iran, saying that Spanish economic cooperation with Iran has reduced during the sanctions but the grounds for cooperation with Iran in various fields including oil, gas and petrochemicals have been prepared following removal of sanctions. 

The Iranian envoy said that Iran does not seek to buy goods from European countries; rather it will prioritize the companies willing to transfer capital and technical know-how to Iran.

Spain's Minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Government of Andalusia Antonio Ramirez referred to the capacities of the state's companies in various fields, urging the Spanish businessmen not to lose the opportunities in Iran after the nuclear deal and help boost cooperation with Iran.

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