Rouhani: Tehran welcomes talks with Europe on social, legal issues

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Tehran, Oct 26, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Tehran is ready to enter into dialogue with Europe on social and legal issues.


President Rouhani made the remark in a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Ninistö in Tehran on Wednesday. 
Acquaintance with other countries' legal rules and regulations, including Islamic rules, will effectively help reach mutual understanding and further expand legal cooperation, President Rouhani said. 
'Relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Finland have always been positive and we are happy to witness that the two sides are determined to broaden cooperation,' President Rouhani said, adding that no doubt, the visit of Finnish delegation to Tehran will be a turning point in expansion of bilateral relations and cooperation. 
On the volume of trade exchanges between the two countries, President Rouhani said the figures are not in conformity with both sides' capacity and capabilities and both sides should speed up efforts to attain the goal.
Referring to cultural commonalties and mutual interest, he said there is no barrier to prevent expansion of Tehran-Helsinki relations. 
Sanctions, which were once main impediments on the way of expansion of relations between the two countries, are now lifted and 'we should broaden mutual cooperation to compensate the past,' President Rouhani said. 
Expansion of banking cooperation is of prime importance, President Rouhani said, adding that bolstering of banking cooperation and relations help boost economic relation in both countries. 
Through giving enough room to the private sectors and increasing their capabilities the two sides' economic cooperation will be boosted more than before, he said. 
The two countries also can broaden cooperation in other sectors like health, medical treatment, environment and forest protection, science, culture and technological know -how, he said. 
In the near future, a number of documents will be prepared for conclusion on the hope that they will help broaden economic relations between the two countries, President Rouhani said. 
Tehran is also eager to broaden cooperation with the European Union as there exists good grounds in various industrial, energy, transportation and telecommunications sectors in Iran for the purpose, said the president, adding that there are strong chances for joint investment.
Tehran believes that regional problems should be resolved through diplomacy and all should give a helping hand in fighting against terrorism, otherwise, terrorism will put the stability and security of the region and the world at risk, President Rouhani said. 
The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to share its invaluable experience with Finalnd in social and legal domains, he said. 
Iran's banking operation is very crystal clear and in line with international rules and regulations, President Rouhani said. 
In other fields such as Nano- and biotechnology, Iran has had remarkable breakthrough and can establish good cooperation with Finland in the sectors, he said. 
There exists many tourist attractions in Iran and the two sides can broaden cooperation in tourism sector as well, he said. 
Iran's rail road connects the country to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia and Tehran tries to continue the road to Baku and from there to Helsinki and this will enable Finland to have direct access to Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman and Indian Ocean, President Rouhani said. 
On regional developments, President Rouhani said Iran is ready to cooperate with international organizations to render relief aid to needy people in Syria and Yemen, he said. 
Extremism and terrorism are main problems in the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with the European Union to help resolve regional issues.
Iran has taken big strides in rendering assistance to refugees and is ready to transfer its experience to Europe, he said.
Refugees should be protected in their homeland in order not to be urged to leave their countries, he said. 
To fight instability in the region, the collective contribution of regional countries and international organizations sounds vital mainly in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and North African countries, President Rouhani said. 
Finnish president for his part expressed happiness with his visit to Iran and said the visit will help increase level of relations between the two countries. 
Referring to nuclear talks between Iran and the G5+1, he said implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was a significant achievement for Iranian people and the international community. 
It will be very important for both sides to remain committed to the pledges to create suitable grounds for expansion of cooperation, he said. 
The volume of investment and economic cooperation will be increased in line with the level of trade exchanges between the two countries, he said.
Referring to miserable situation in Syria and Yemen and the vital need to help refugees, he said Helsinki is well aware of Iran's efforts in dealing with refuges and hosting some three million Afghan refugees and believes that through benefiting from Tehran's experiences can broaden such cooperation, he said. 
Helsinki welcomes Iran's membership in the World Trade Organization, he said. 
He also called for expansion of Tehran-Helsinki rail road via Moscow as well as establishing direct fights between the two countries.

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